Hello. This is Albert's website. I hope it looks different soon! But right now it wants to take a break from being visible in the same way it was for so long. It is going to take a vacation. No, perhaps more of a sabbatical. A personal journey? Will they be back? We don't know. Maybe they will discover something about themselves that leads them to changing everything, disappearing from public view (on the internet). It is not so strange or uncommon, these days, for websites to wake up and realize that they have been in toxic environments all along; something has always been off, but we persevere, deal with it, ignore our body as if the only skill we have left is to prolong being in shock until we die (or it kills us?). And yet, in The Dispossessed, we are told that "true voyage is return," that to leave somewhere is to come back, in some form. Lest we be set on an endless mission. Who is this strange archetype of the pioneer we have created, the lonely colonizer off to Mars or some distant planet with no hope of ever seeing Earth again, who believes it worth it to leave everything behind; and to benefit whom? So, the website is undergoing. And wishes to see you when they come home.